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Online Continuing Education


careLearning is an online education company designed to help healthcare organizations by providing reliable, trusted and easily-accessible talent management solutions. When you work with careLearning, you gain access to its Learning Management System (LMS)Competency and Performance Management Solution, a full course catalog, and much more.

careLearning is operated by state hospital associations, and its sole purpose is to offer valuable and cost-effective resources to you. careLearning cares about its customers and it shows.

careLearning is dedicated to providing the best education and training to you and your organization. It brings the classroom to you and value's feedback from its customers using suggestions to make careLearning a better business.

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The Passport Program was created by careLearning to provide students participating in clinical rotation programs to become orientated quickly and effectively early on in the semester. The topics covered are those needed for CMS, OSHA, The Joint Commission and other common regulatory requirements. Healthcare facilities can also add some of their own content that is specific to their organization.

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Patient & Workplace Violence Training


HSS, Inc. of Denver CO. is an industry leader in the increasingly high-risk environment of healthcare. HSS specializes in physical and technology security, Emergency Management, and targeted education and consulting in the healthcare setting using its registered Techniques for Effective Aggression Management (TEAM®) training program.

The two-tiered TEAM program arms your hospital staff with the skills needed to recognize hazardous situations that can escalate to aggression or violence while learning healthcare-specific strategies designed to manage these behaviors and keep themselves and others safe. With the ability to deliver TEAM courses via HSS-certified instructors, through e-Learning, or by a “Train the Trainer” program, HSS ensures that healthcare providers can focus their time and resources on what they do best – deliver outstanding patient care.

Through its work with healthcare organizations across the country, HSS’ Emergency Management (EM) team has firsthand experience dealing with some of the most unexpected scenarios imaginable. HSS provides a comprehensive selection of emergency operations and business continuity planning, training, and exercise offerings to better prepare organizations for the unforeseen. Safety professionals nationwide also choose HSS to develop effective active shooter response capabilities for their staff.  The HSS EM team’s practical training exercises have proven to save lives while boosting staff confidence in their ability to deal with real-world dangers.

Over the last 50 years, HSS has proved to be the acknowledged experts in physical and technology security, medical equipment management, emergency management, and targeted education and consulting nationwide. Healthcare is the company's heritage and it is proud to be the only security services provider founded by hospitals.

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Online Healthcare Career Portal



HospitalCareers is the health care industry's leading career destination site that connects health care candidates and hospitals to find their perfect match. Through a network of more than thirty state Hospital Associations, and by crafting advanced online marketing strategies, the site guides health care professionals into successful and fulfilling careers and provides health care organizations with the most cost-effective recruitment resource to attract the highest quality of candidates.

HospitalCareers simplifies the job search process. With over 20,000 job postings from over 5,000 health care organizations nationwide, health care professionals can search for jobs, browse facility and career profiles, research job and salary trends, read informative articles, and utilize resources available to help advance their careers in the health care field.


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