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PPE Exchange

Trusted digital marketplace for Personal Protective Equipment


PPE Exchange is an online marketplace of regional and national suppliers of PPE. Think Amazon but for PPE and supplies. Via PPE Exchange, hospitals, providers, and businesses looking for supplies are virtually connected to a marketplace of verified suppliers where they can search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete the transaction online.

PPE Exchange is currently providing PPE to some of the nation's largest Hospital Networks, GPO’s, HealthCare Insurers, and Federal Agencies. 

Benefits of sourcing supplies on PPE Exchange

  • No cost to sign up and utilize the marketplace, you only pay for what you purchase
  • Support technology built on blockchain allows you to track the transaction from placement of order to delivery
  • Access to more than 200 regional and national suppliers
  • Ability to source from based suppliers
  • Ability to price shop across numerous suppliers
  • Process for aggregate or bulk ordering for smaller volume providers who typically don’t meet the required minimums
  • A “request a quote” feature to compare current pricing with pricing from PPE Exchange’s large network of suppliers

To begin accessing the AHA Services-PPE Portal on PPE Exchange, please proceed to https://www.ppe.exchange/, and click “become a buyer”. Enter your email and basic information, make sure to choose the option referral by Arkansas Hospital Association. Then an email will be automatically sent to you prompting you to reset your password and login to the website!

For any questions on large orders, or how PPE Exchange can work directly with you, contact AHA Services dedicated Account Executive Rich Garwood, Rich.Garwood@ppe.exchange or Tina Creel, tcreel@arkhospitals.orgYou will need an approved username/password to access the marketplace before beginning your search.

Please note that this is not limited to the AHA membership.  We will allow non-AHA members to participate in this marketplace.


Healthcare Workforce Solutions


Qualivis is a national provider of healthcare workforce solutions. Through our unique state hospital association model, we work with healthcare facilities and a national network of staffing agencies to help streamline staffing processes and keep clinical and non-clinical departments staffed. Along with our robust suite of workforce solutions, Qualivis offers real-time compliance management; supplier requisitioning and communication management; billing consolidation; payment management; customized reporting as well as clinical vetting, interviewing and remediation. All services are customizable and can be used by your existing team or implemented and maintained by a Qualivis Account Specialist. To learn more about Qualivis contact Natalie Plumer (nplumer@qualivis.com) or visit Qualivis.com

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Security Risk Assessments / Workplace & Patient Violence / Expert Services & Litigation Support



HSS can conduct focused assessments of your high-risk departments and security programs to help you identify and mitigate potential risks or threats and workplace violence. HSS recommendations will improve operating efficiencies, decrease risk, and create a safer work environment– as well as reduce the risk of costly litigation.

Full Security Assessment
This review of your current programs includes evaluating security staffing, physical security and electronic systems, data capture and analytical capabilities, workplace violence prevention programs, and general risks and vulnerabilities. HSS takes note of performance within relevant regulations, identify areas of risk, and make businesscritical recommendations.

Focused Security Program Assessment
This program evaluates physical security threats, risks and vulnerabilities, focused on specific areas at your facility. For example, within a hospital, HSS scrutinizes security in the emergency department, the birthing/infant/pediatric units, as well exposure to workplace violence, and an assessment of the risks for patient- or visitor- generated violence. Other increasingly requested assessments include reviews of structure, design, and performance of an organization’s security department.

Expert Services & Litigation Support
It’s imperative that healthcare providers be able to defend their preparation and response to significant security events should they occur in their facility. Whether
it’s an assault in a parking structure, an infant abduction, or the use of force when subduing a violent or aggressive patient, we can help you determine, organize
and prepare the pertinent facts of the adverse event to address regulatory agency requirements, or assist you in court if needed, where our senior executives have the experience and credentials to be recognized as subject matter experts.

TEAM® Certified Trainer Program (Train-the-Trainer)

Press Ganey

Satisfaction / Quality Measurement Services


Recognized as a leader in performance improvement for 25 years, Press Ganey partners with more than 10,000 healthcare organizations worldwide to create and sustain high performing organizations, and ultimately, improve the overall healthcare experience. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help clients operate efficiently, improve quality, increase market share and optimize reimbursement. Press Ganey works with clients from across the continuum of care – hospitals, medical practices, home care agencies and other providers – including 50% of all U.S. hospitals. 

Specialties include healthcare patient satisfaction, physician engagement, employee engagement, quality improvement, safety culture, patient flow, community image, consulting, technology, core measures, e-measures and operational improvement.

Transformational Solutions

Transformational Roadmap to Bridge Strategy and Action



Benchmarking, Performance Management


iVantage Health Analytics, through proprietary analytics and modeling, helps healthcare organizations evaluate performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and manage success. iVantage’s solutions are designed to be foundational utilities for health systems, community hospitals, rural providers, and independent medical groups to manage their strategic, financial, operational, and clinical performance. 

Some of the nation’s largest health systems, regional providers and community hospitals rely on our cloud-based reporting and analytics to help identify and prioritize opportunities for market, clinical, financial and operational improvement.

Benchmarking & Performance Management

iVantage’s benchmarking and performance management tool enables hospitals and health systems to identify and prioritize opportunities for operational clinical quality and cost management improvement. With exceptional accuracy and detail, iVantage Performance Manager™ analyzes performance over time and compares to affiliates, industry peers and self-selected cohorts.

Physician Enterprise Performance Manager

iVantage’s Physician Enterprise Performance Manager is the industry’s first integrated benchmarking and performance management tool that analyzes patient access and cost data to help health system and physician leaders optimize the performance of their medical groups.

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The Chartis Center for Rural Health

Building upon the commitment of The Chartis Group and iVantage Health Analytics, The Chartis Center for Rural Health was created in 2016 to deliver expertise, performance management solutions, advisory services and research to the system-supported rural facilities, community hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals which provide care to more than 60 million Americans.

As a national leader in providing research for rural health policy, The Chartis Center for Rural Health is uniquely positioned to provide analytic-based consulting services to rural health stakeholders. Serving as an expert technical and facilitative resource, The Chartis Center for Rural Health is the retained advisor for numerous rural health providers, health networks and consortia.

The Chartis Center for Rural Health offers an unparalleled value proposition to rural health leaders and those advocating on their behalf. Pairing iVantage Health Analytics’ extensive data-set and benchmarks of rural healthcare, its research and solution portfolio with the expertise and resources of The Chartis Group, The Chartis Center for Rural Health delivers the leadership expertise needed to help rural providers, health systems, associations and state networks develop and implement performance improvement initiatives. 

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The Chartis Center for Rural Health

The Chartis Center for Rural Health brings an unmatched capability to assess the performance of rural healthcare assets with their deep consulting and rural-relevant analytic experience. The CCRH builds upon the well-established iVantage history of experience providing thought leadership to rural health leaders. This rural-relevant expertise and a proprietary database of operational indicators is critical in the assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of rural assets when comparing like facilities across the nation.

The Chartis Center for Rural Health offers the industry leading rural-relevant services to provide:

Rural-relevant insights into the performance of rural providers

  • Comparisons of health system “rural sisters” to each other and to other systems that have made similar investments in the partnership and acquisition of rural providers.
  • Technical and advisory assistance to mine analytics to identify strategic and operational opportunities and develop interventions to “move the needle” and improve position and performance.
  • Perspective and appreciation of the rural health safety-net function and an understanding of the health disparities in the communities they serve.

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Video and Audio Medical Interpreters


Voyce is a technology company that focuses on medical interpretation.  Highly skilled video and audio interpreters in over 235 languages are provided within seconds.  VOYCE hospitals only require a wifi connection and VOYCE can leverage existing hardware within the hospital or provide heavy duty mobile carts at little to no cost to the hospital.  With the ever diverse communities continually growing, VOYCE meets the challenge of breaking down the language barriers in healthcare.  Everyone deserves a Voyce. 

VOYCE Summary