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Security Risk Assessments / Workplace & Patient Violence / Expert Services & Litigation Support



HSS can conduct focused assessments of your high-risk departments and security programs to help you identify and mitigate potential risks or threats and workplace violence. HSS recommendations will improve operating efficiencies, decrease risk, and create a safer work environment– as well as reduce the risk of costly litigation.

Full Security Assessment
This review of your current programs includes evaluating security staffing, physical security and electronic systems, data capture and analytical capabilities, workplace violence prevention programs, and general risks and vulnerabilities. HSS takes note of performance within relevant regulations, identify areas of risk, and make businesscritical recommendations.

Focused Security Program Assessment
This program evaluates physical security threats, risks and vulnerabilities, focused on specific areas at your facility. For example, within a hospital, HSS scrutinizes security in the emergency department, the birthing/infant/pediatric units, as well exposure to workplace violence, and an assessment of the risks for patient- or visitor- generated violence. Other increasingly requested assessments include reviews of structure, design, and performance of an organization’s security department.

Expert Services & Litigation Support
It’s imperative that healthcare providers be able to defend their preparation and response to significant security events should they occur in their facility. Whether
it’s an assault in a parking structure, an infant abduction, or the use of force when subduing a violent or aggressive patient, we can help you determine, organize
and prepare the pertinent facts of the adverse event to address regulatory agency requirements, or assist you in court if needed, where our senior executives have the experience and credentials to be recognized as subject matter experts.

TEAM® Certified Trainer Program (Train-the-Trainer)

For more information contact Seth Karnes, 844.477.7781, skarnes@hss-us.com.



Video and Audio Medical Interpreters


Reach a professional medical interpreter in a matter of seconds with Voyce. Available 24/7 in  240+ languages and dialects, Voyce's remote interpreters are trained to help patients and healthcare providers communicate with confidence.

Voyce enables seamless communication when and where it matters most, including ASL (American Sign Language), Trilingual Interpretation (Spanish-English-ASL) and Certified Deaf Interpreters (ASL CDIs). Whether you use the standalone Voyce app or take advantage of the Epic integration, Voyce makes it easy to provide high-quality care for all of your patients.

If your hospital has WIFI, it is Voyce-enabled. Voyce can operate on existing hardware in your hospital, such as smartphones and tablets, or heavy-duty mobile carts can be provided at little or no cost to your facility.

Access real-time interpretation in 240+ languages and dialects today with Voyce.

Everyone Deserves a Voice.

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For more information contact Richard Allen, 954.686.6800 x.1021, richard.allen@voyceglobal.com.


Value Based Care Solutions


If you are looking to improve patient outcomes and generate revenue for your hospital, you've likely considered value-based care programs. These programs can be complex and burdensome to your staff, which makes it difficult for them to be successful.

Make value-based care programs easier. ChartSpan offers innovative, value-based care solutions that help healthcare organizations like yours achieve better patient outcomes and practice profitability. 

ChartSpan offers:

  • Full-service Chronic Care Managment
  • Annual Wellness Visit software - RapidAWV™
  • Enrollment Services for Remote Patient Monitoring programs - RPM EaaS™
  • Quality Improvement Services

ChartSpan Services

For more information or to set up a demo contact, Gary Stickney, gary.stickney@strategichealthcareadvisors.com, (816) 682-4743 or Shane Grivich, shane.grivich@chartspan.com.

DataGen, Inc.


DataGen offers analytical insights to healthcare organizaitons, focusing on Federal payment policy changes, Medicare's and commercial insurers' value-based programs, community needs assessments for hospitals and departments of health, healthcare market dynamics, and surveying of a hospital's culture of safety. Its product portfolio includes financial impact reports that address annual and ad hoc changes to Medicare's fee-for-service programs, and custom analytics to evaluate financial and quality outcomes within any payer scenario. Its turn-key community health needs assessment tools and related consulting services enable hospitals and departments of health to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements. In addition to its high-touch customer service, DataGen's customers rely on its analytical expertise as they strive to improve quality, outcomes and financial performance.